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What does Pay N Play casino mean?

Pay N Play is a technology developed technology giant Trustly that the entire iGaming community has been waiting for a long time. It streamlines the whole process of playing and registering considerably for the accustomed to normal. It is a very innovative product that utilizes the BankID login method, which in practice allows the player to transfer money, both deposit and withdrawal without processing time, in other words, the money transfer is successful in an instant.This is achieved by Trustly concluding agreements with European banks, including domestic banks, on a continuous basis. Trustly is a respected company in itself, and has earned much praise in its home country, as well as created several jobs.

Proof of this is also Trustly’s public collaboration with another e-wallet operator, called PayPal.When a player logs in to the Pay N Play casino using the BankID method mentioned above, the necessary information about the user is temporarily transferred to the operator. The keyword is temporary, as the technology then develops a virtual user account in the background, after which the data is removed from the operator. What information is required, and is it safe to disclose information to Pay N Play online casinos? Surprisingly, perhaps, the Pay N Play model is even safer than the classic sign-up model!

Because Pay N Play casinos, i.e. casinos without an account, require information from the user, our site only lists Pay N Play casinos that are trustworthy . We are constantly working to filter only the best options for the player. We only filter out online casinos that have a proven reputation. However, it is always a good rule of thumb when checking out a new casino to check its Gaming License. Trustly’s Pay N Play technology uses KYC (Know Your Customers) policy, all the necessary information about KYC can be found here . This allows for a secure money transfer, and ensures that player information is not misused.

Even if it is a newer online casino, the KYC method ensures that the online casino complies with the legal provisions of the European Union. EU law is very strict about data protection, and abuse is certainly not easy as iGaming develops in an increasingly professional direction. In practice, Pay N Play casinos require less information from their user compared to the normal registration process. For this reason, Pay N Play casinos are actually safer options than old model registration! Trustly operates under the lens of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, and no obscure activities are supported.