Types of Video Slots

We usually speak of a video slot when the reels, online, and thus are displayed on a screen instead of real reels spinning in the machine. In other words: we are actually talking about nothing else than the online counterparts of the traditional slot machines. Slots come in all kinds of variants. For example, every video slot has a theme. You can think of everything: from adventure to Halloween and from football to slot machines.

Flash vs. HTML5: Traditionally, video slots were always developed in Flash, but that wouldn’t turn out without its drawbacks, especially given that more and more games had to be adapted to the increase in mobile use. One of the biggest drawbacks of Flash is that it requires a special Flash player. This makes games unnecessarily heavy and often crashes. With the introduction of the uniform HTML5, video slots are now being developed in such a way that they are suitable for any device: desktops, tablets and phones.

Multiplayer slots: It is not uncommon to see groups of friends alternately playing on a slot machine in a brick-and-mortar casino. They do this, for example, by each throwing an equal amount into a pot in advance and actually playing with a joint bet. Any winnings are therefore distributed in the same way.

Online there are also slots that offer the option to play with several players at the same time. Multiplayer slots are available to everyone, so for acquaintances and for complete strangers. You can then also join another video slot player to play together. Why would you do that? The bets can be added back together. Often, you can claim higher prizes with higher stakes. With this you join forces.

For a long time, casino games were guided by a mechanical or manual system. What exactly do we mean by the latter? Take for example a table game like poker where the cards are shuffled by a dealer. The shuffling of the cards should ensure that the game afterwards is completely random (and therefore in all fairness). With the rise of online casinos, the Random Number Generator (RNG) is indispensable nowadays.

Of course there are live casino games that are offered online, which still work with a dealer, but the majority of games nowadays work with software and hardware. The Random Number Generator simply ensures that every spin on a video slot is linked to an algorithm that translates into an outcome. That outcome is then shown on your game screen. This result is determined by the generator choosing a random number from the millions of unique digits. As a result, your chances of winning depend on nothing but chance.