Top Online Poker Game

If you enter an online casino will find hundreds of different games where bet your money. Poker despite the known generically as such, has many variants. There are four of them which are most practiced.

The “Texas Hold’em” poker variant is preferred by players, both live and online. Its popularity has grown such that almost all of the tournaments that are played over the Internet are of this type.

Variant of poker

The ” SWOOP “(World Series of Poker), the” PET “(European Poker Tour), and national championships in each country are organized under this variant of poker. The “Omaha” and “Omaha Hi / Low” have certain similarities with the “Texas Holder” but have lost ground on this in the tables.

Anyway, “Omaha” is the second most practiced poker variant although only of the total players in the poker world. It is a very technical game in which there are players who are true specialists in it.

Skilled players

In third place, we find the Seven Card Stud, which focuses on all players, and this means that are highly skilled players in this game. Finally, we find the “Five Card Draw” which is the simplest poker game and most known for years worldwide. The American western movies have used scenes in which you bet based on this game.

Free gaming tables

It is a simple variant of poker, easy to learn. All these games are usually played in three types of tables: Limit”, free gaming tables, where a player can bet whatever you want with the maximum of money you have on the table, “Pot Limit”, table games limited to the size of the pot, you can only bet up to the maximum size of the pot at all times, ” Limit “, limited stakes tables, the stakes are fixed in advance and are limited to an amount equal always. All these forms of poker tables and you can find them through the internet in rooms where you can enjoy 24 hours a day for many players to practice addition, if you want to gain experience without having to deposit money, you can do so through their money tables.