Top 5 Casino Games

In the huge range of casino games available on online casino sites, it can obviously be difficult to know where to start. Just look at all the casinos and you will understand that there is an infinite number to choose from. Therefore, we list here the five most popular casino games so that you have a reference point to use now when you start your casino adventure.


It may well be that in some corners of the globe there is another casino game that takes first place on the list of the most popular casino games, but overall, “blackjack” is probably the casino game that is preferred by most people around the world. One reason is probably that blackjack gives players a real challenge. It’s not just pointing and clicking in that game. If you play completely without knowledge of how blackjack works, you will certainly lose most rounds of play. If you instead play a correct blackjack, regard which is always the correct move in each individual situation, then you get excellent chances of winning. Some players are so skilled that they basically eliminate the advantage of the casino completely.


There is no casino game that is as classic as roulette. From the end of the 18th century, casino players have been squeezing around the roulette wheel and hoping that the ball will end upright. Roulette is a casino game with very few and simple game rules. Just place your chips on a field of action and then hope for some luck. At first, however, it can be a bit complicated to learn what all the different fields of action mean, but after a couple of rounds of play, you usually get really hot in your clothes. On the online casino sites, there is usually also good information about what the different betting fields stand for.


Slots come in two variants, namely slot machines and video slots. A slot machine has three reels and a very limited number of chances to win per game round. Some simpler slot machines actually have only one possible payline. A video slot, on the other hand, can have hundreds of possible pay lines. Some modern video slots also have bonus games and jackpots. Whatever online casino you play at, you can count on finding at least 100 different slots. Some casino sites have up to four times or more.

Video poker

If we were to make a list of which casino games are most popular, video poker might end up a little higher up the list. We have and always have, had a penchant for video poker. This is not just because casino games has incorporated its own variant of video poker in the Jack Vegas machines that are set up in bars and restaurants around the country. It is also very much due to the fact that poker has been played in coffee rooms and in one’s own home for many decades. Most online casinos usually have two variants of video poker, namely Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. The chances of winning per game round are slightly higher in Jacks or Better This is because it only takes at least a pair of jacks to win but overall the odds are instead slightly better in Deuces Wild.

Scratch cards

Is scratch cards really a casino game? Well, if you look at the casino site’s range of games. The majority of all casino sites also have a section with scratch cards. Since we are more or less crazy about scratch cards in real life, it is not so strange that we feel comfortable scratching scratch cards even at online casinos.