Register Online Casino Game

Playing at casinos with your own account is very possible. Signing up, or registering as a player, is done everywhere in a few steps. The way you have to register is actually not that different at casinos with an account. On the other hand, there are also options to play at a casino without registration, the so-called Pay N Play casinos. In this registration guide we teach you everything about signing up for an account, playing and the possibilities that accounts offer.

Register at a casino with an account

As we have explained, the difference lies in whether or not you have to sign up for an account. All casinos have a registration obligation, because the central system must check whether you meet the age requirement.

Registration at an online casino always takes a few steps. Below you will find these explained briefly and concisely:

Opening the registration : form When you choose a casino yourself you will have to go to the registration form. This can often be done via a REGISTER / SIGN UP button at the casino. After this, the registration form will appear and you can sign up to play.

Filling in and confirming details : During the registration process, several questions are presented in the form. In addition to verifying your age via iDin to gain access, you must also enter other name and address details. Your name is important, but your address and date of birth must also be entered manually. On the other hand, you indicate your gender and you also register in which currency you want to play.

Choose account details and log : in After filling in the basic details, you create an account. You do this on the basis of a self-chosen e-mail address that you use. In addition, you can enter a secure password yourself, which cannot be read by the gambling site and is therefore protected. You will now receive the option to confirm your account by email and/or SMS. After this you can log in and it is possible to deposit and gamble.

Bonuses on registration : Register to get a bonus at an online casino? It’s possible. After all, when registering, a so-called registration bonus or registration bonus is regularly given to the account. Not a big deal, quite the contrary. Casinos provide people with free money or free spins for video slots in this way. This allows the casino to be explored with a small chance of winning money.

It is important to keep in mind that bonuses when registering are also subject to conditions. You must therefore clear these and will never be able to pay out a bonus directly. You will of course read more about bonus conditions and how they work later in our guide.