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Quick casinos

Each instant casino method uses online banking authentication. How Pay N Play differs from normal online banking, for example, is Trustly’s own process that works between you and your bank. However, there are small differences between quick casinos in terms of bonuses, for example, and deposit and withdrawal methods. Quick casinos can generally be broken down into four subcategories that are surprisingly easy to internalize, due in part to the pursuit of straightforwardness. The name Trustly may already be a familiar name to many gamblers. This is probably due to the fact that the iGaming giant in question has already operated as a popular payment method even in very traditional online casinos. Trustly’s newer technology, Pay N Play, is a solution built for instant casinos that automates all registration in the background.

Pay N Play casinos utilize a protocol called KYC, or Know Your Customers. This method works, for example, under EU data protection, which ensures that user data is not misused. Pay N Play casinos avoid all information, such as address information, that a player would normally fill out himself. However, the KYC model removes data from the online casino after registration, leaving the online casino with a kind of virtual account of the player. The player only needs to authenticate through their own online bank, just like when registering with agencies, for example.

In instant casinos, bonuses are only now showing up to players. This is because quick casinos themselves are still a very recent phenomenon in the casino world, and it is still cautious to offer new features. Bonuses are generally easy to understand, and easy to ignore if a player does not want to redeem them. This often differs massively from old-fashioned online casinos. The money put into all games is counted towards the 100% wagering requirement. For example, if a player deposits € 100, he has to roll over € 500 20 times, or € 10,000, to get the bonus money in his bank account. For example, when it comes to bonus redemption requirements, they can be very high quality compared to normal online casinos. However, it is not always worth redeeming the bonus; the final games are about the player’s own strategy.