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Play online roulette

Basically, the roulette casino game is about placing bets on the outcome of a game round. In each round a winning number is determined by the ball, which rotates in a cauldron and comes to rest in a number compartment. If the winning number is found, the bets you have placed on the playing field will be withdrawn in the event of a loss and paid out at a certain rate if you win.

Since the invention of the classic casino game, passionate gamblers, tinkerers and mathematicians have been trying to develop a roulette strategy with which the game’s system can be beaten. Over the years numerous roulette strategies have developed with which players from all over the world play more or less successfully. However, there is still no strategy with which one can achieve certain profits. Below you will find an overview of the most important roulette strategies.

Martingales- The Martingale system is a roulette strategy in which you double your stake whenever you lose.

Labouchere- The Labouchere system is a betting strategy in which you create a series of numbers with bets and always put in the first and last number and cross out if you win, or add numbers if you lose.

D’Alembert- The D’Alembert system, also known as scrap progression, increases the stake by one unit after each loss and decreases it by one unit after each win.

Parlay- The parlay strategy works with bets on easy chances. Here you always increase your stake if you have previously made a profit.

Paroli- The Paroli system is similar to Parlay and is based on increasing the stakes if you have previously won. All you have to do is determine a series of numbers and hope for a lucky streak.

Roulette is a simple game that allows you to place specific bets that include a single number, multiple numbers, or groups of whole numbers. Place a token on a betting field before the closing date for the respective game round. Then the roulette wheel and the ball in it will determine a winning number and you will receive a payout if you have bet on this number or if it occurs in one of your number groups.

Basically, the bets can be divided into inner and outer bets. The inner bets describe all bets on the number fields, such as placing a chip on one, two or four numbers or betting on one or two streets (3 or 6 numbers). The outer bets include groups of numbers of 12 (dozen or columns) or 18 numbers (single odds). You can also bet on announcement and bowl games such as the large or small series, orphelins or the zero game.