Online casino Multiple Accounts

Many casino players create multiple accounts at a casino. They do this in order to be able to use a free spins bonus, a no deposit bonus or a welcome bonus several times. Sounds good, right, enjoy the same casino bonus several times in a row? Wrong. If casinos hate anything, it’s bonus abusers.

These bonus abusers cost online casinos many millions of euros annually. And while a trustworthy online casino will have no problem paying out money that has been won fairly, understandably they have difficulty paying out winnings to players who have falsely taken advantage of more bonuses than they are entitled to.

Only 1 account is allowed per player. And that is exactly why every online casino has the conditions that creating multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. Most online casinos allow only one account per (home) address and / or IP address. Even if you share a PC or laptop with your partner or roommate. To prevent abuse of the bonus schemes, this rule is strictly enforced by casinos.

It therefore seems like a smart thing to do to create multiple accounts. But what if you just win a few thousand euros with a fake account? Then you don’t get this money, whether you jump high or low. And all the stories and excuses, they’ve heard those hundreds of times, save you the trouble.

Creating an extra account is simple.

  • You enter a slightly different address
  • You just changed your name: for example “vanderBoom” instead of “van Der Boom”
  • You are using a different email address
  • You use an initial of your nickname instead of your real name
  • Again, as appealing as it may sound, creating multiple accounts is pointless and even “a bit silly”.

It is of course possible that you find out that you have accidentally created multiple accounts. For example, if it turns out that your girlfriend has created an account with the same PC at just the same casino. It has happened to us a few times, and those are not things that you always discuss with each other.

As soon as you find out that several accounts have been created at the same address or IP address, it is best to contact the helpdesk immediately and be straightforward. Just explain what happened and get advice. Sometimes it will mean that 1 of the 2 accounts will be closed, and sometimes the casino will want to make an exception and keep both accounts open.

Tip: always record these types of conversations with the helpdesk, for example by taking screenshots. At some casinos you can also have a transcript of a chat conversation e-mailed. That can prevent hassle in the future.