Online Casino Account

Creating an account at an online casino is a big step for many people and especially If you have never created an account at an online casino. You still leave your private information with a party that you do not know. And then you also have to deposit money. Reason enough for us to take a good look at the process of creating an account at an online casino.

Fill in your details carefully

This step seems very logical, but unfortunately it is often not performed properly by many players. It is essential that you fill in your details correctly and completely. Use real names (not call signs) as they appear in your passport or other identity document, such as your driver’s license. When you want to have money paid out and you need to have your identity verified, the data entered by you will be compared with the data on your proof of identity. If things differ, this will inevitably lead to extra investigation and delay. And you are not waiting for that.

Create a secure password for your casino account

  • You can create a password yourself and the same rules apply as creating a password for your email account or bank account:
  • Always create a password from a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Always use 1 or more punctuation marks, such as: commas, semi-colons or the exclamation mark
  • Use unique passwords for different accounts
  • Never share your password with other people
  • Do not use names, dates of birth or other personal information of yourself or others.

Use a valid email address

It is also essential to enter your email address. Firstly: this is where the confirmation email will be sent. You need to open it and click on it to confirm your account. In addition, the communication between the online casino and you is mainly via email. This means that you will receive bonus offers by e-mail, but you can also be asked questions about your identity or other important matters by e-mail.

Choose a secure payment method

Good, you have created your account and confirmed it by email. You are now ready to play with real money at an online casino. Would you like to explore the place at your leisure first? That is of course no problem. You, and no one else, ultimately decide whether you want to transfer money to an online casino. Once you have made the decision to start playing with real money at an online casino, it is time to choose a safe payment method. Many online casinos offer the possibility to do this via Internet Banking.