Non Sticky Bonus

Many online casinos today offer a wide variety of bonuses. Casino bonuses are an easy and simple way to entice players to try new casinos and get new players to new casinos. Usually, casino bonuses can be easily found on the casino’s website, either on the front page or under the promotions menu, for example.

Non sticky bonus

One of the casino terms that might make you think of new players is the nonsticky bonus. A nonsticky bonus means as it were, that it is not tied to a player’s deposit. However, the nonsticky bonus is a deposit bonus where the bonus money and real money are separated. Usually, in all these cases, real money is played first. When the deposited money and bonus money are separate from each other, and if the player manages to win the money at, then the player will be able to withdraw the winnings and then discard the bonus.

Many players also wonder how the nonsticky bonus will then be recognized. It is easily identified by how the recycling requirement is stated. If the wagering requirement only applies to bonus money, it is a non-sticky bonus. If, on the other hand, the redemption requirement applies to both the bonus money and the deposit, it is a sticky bonus. In nonsticky bonuses, the wagering requirement is only met when you start playing with bonus money. This is easy for players to remember.

Now, of course, players are wondering which type of bonus is better and cheaper for the player. This is, of course, a matter of opinion and both have their own supporters. In general, nonsticky bonuses may be better for players. Many people think that it is possible to give up the bonus and the winnings can be cashed out as soon as the winnings are earned in cash, real money. The advantage of the sticky bonus is again that the wagering requirement starts to be met right from the first games.

This is how non sticky bonuses work

The nonsticky bonus works in the same way that you first create an account with a casino if the casino is required to create an account. You will then need to redeem the bonus and deposit the money into the casino. At this point, the casino usually distinguishes between cash and bonus for different balances. It is also easier for the player to perceive different money when they are separated into different balances. So you play the money you deposit first and then the bonus money if you have not been able to win with the money you have deposited.

With non sticky bonuses, you can play in almost the same way as with cash or other bonuses. The only difference is the fulfillment of the above-mentioned recycling requirements and the repatriation of profits. So you can cash out the winnings right away, for example, but in that case, you can give up the bonus money. In addition, as we have already said, the wagering requirement will only start to be met when the bonus money starts playing.

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