Most Used Gambling Terms

Gambling is one of the favorite pastimes for Italians and non-Italians. Becoming part of this world is not complicated: all you need is a game account in an online casino , an internet connection and an accepted payment method to deposit and withdraw money. However, one of the biggest difficulties that players, especially beginners, face, concerns the different terms used. Each game has in fact some keywords that you absolutely must know. In this guide we will analyze some of the most used gambling terms.Let’s look at some gambling terms that will surely come in handy once you join a gambling house or search for information on the internet.

Gambling: is a word of English origin that stands for gambling.

Deposit: this word means a top-up made from your account to credit money on the account. Withdrawal, on the other hand, is the action of withdrawing winnings from your gaming account.

Casino Offers : Each platform has different offers to entice players to sign up. In some cases these are Free Spins while in others it is an additional sum to the first deposit. The main offer is usually the welcome offer. This may involve the receipt of an extra depending on the first deposit made or an extra with no mandatory deposit.

Bankroll: is the budget established for your wagers in traditional and virtual gaming rooms.

Progressive Jackpot: Some of these games are linked through an online network. This means that all players who bet on these games will go to contribute to a single jackpot, which consequently often amounts to hundreds of thousands of euros.

Dealer and Live dealer: the dealer, also known as the croupier, is the person in charge of managing the phases of the game. Naturally, in the virtual game rooms the function of the dealers is performed by software, even if many now offer different games with live dealer. This means that the game will be streamed in a room where there is a table and a live dealer, with whom it will be possible to interact live.

Demo mode: when you don’t want to play for real money you can choose the demo mode. In practice, this mode allows you to play for pure fun with play money.