Maximum Bet: Slot Machine

Increase your chance of beating the slot machine? You can of course keep playing for hours and hours to master the slot machine to perfection. And get to know the different slot machines well, so that you know exactly how to make the greatest chance of winning.Yet it can also be easier by choosing the right strategy and approach. With which you have a better chance of beating the slot machine. Thanks to a higher bet per spin. So that you have a chance of winning the jackpot and the winnings will be a lot higher. If you pay attention to your budget, of course, per hour or in total. So that you don’t play with more than you planned, and you still have a good chance of beating the slots.

Tip: do you want to play with the maximum bet right away? Many of the slots have a ‘max bet’ button. You then bet the maximum, so you do not have to indicate which bet you would like to play with.

Are you playing with a higher bet per spin? Then you have the chance of bigger prizes. For example, if you play with € 1 per spin, you can win an amount of up to € 750 or € 7,500 on some slots. You need a number of winning symbols for that. The chance of this is of course just as great if you would play with a higher bet.For example, do you opt for € 5 per spin? Then the profits can amount to, for example, € 75,000. That is 10x more than you could have won with the lower bet. While you only have to invest twice as much for that. Which gives you a greater chance of winning at the bottom of the line.

Note: you can win the highest amounts on the progressive jackpot. Yet that is not always a good idea in practice. You have to share the chance of winning with many other players. This reduces the chance that you will really beat the slot machine.Do you play the slots with a jackpot? In some cases you can only have a chance if you play with a minimum bet. One bet per spin, which unlocks all possibilities. So that you can also play all bonus games, for example, to have as much chance as possible to beat the slot machine.