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Keno is a random drawing game just like lotto and bingo. It is a classic game which consists of ticking a grid of numbers and which can bring in significant winnings depending on the stake. It is played in bingo halls and other gambling establishments. It can also be played online at virtual casinos. Our game collection allows you today to play free Keno games online without leaving your home.Keno attracts millions of money players all over the world, but no one has perhaps ever asked the question: where did this game come from so interesting and so popular today?

With the development of the internet and online casino games, Keno has not been spared. Fans of this drawing game can rush directly to their favorite online casinos for entertainment, especially as the winnings are interesting. The only difference with online Keno is that it does not provide the same feeling of excitement as the card version.Ticking a few numbers increases the chances of winning, but the value of the winnings is less.Selecting multiple numbers will win huge amounts. However, the chances of winning are slim. If a player selects nine numbers, he gets nothing if only one number comes up.

He receives, on the other hand, large gains if they are all drawn.A player is free to choose the amount he invests for each bet and the number of rounds he plays. He can participate in a single game or in several using the same numbers. Online Keno is the other form of gambling that a player can indulge in. The principle is the same as in the halls of hard-core casinos. Note that there is a Keno draw every day, except Sunday and holidays. If you ever want to dig deeper into this game before we get to the game modes together, you can check out our Keno rules to understand the intricacies.

A participant can choose to play Keno with a classic grid. This mode gives him the possibility of checking his favorite numbers. He also has the right to play with the FLASH system and let the machine select the numbers automatically for him. For both game modes, a player can play up to 5 grids per round and choose the Single Multiplier or Minimum x3 Multiplier option to increase the chances of winning. Once the grid is filled in, the player must choose the draws in which he wishes to participate (noon or evening) as well as the dates. He can choose up to 7 consecutive days.