Jackpot with Progressive Slots

A progressive jackpot gives you the absolute highest winnings at online casinos. It’s a nerve-wracking casino game and the pulse increases when you enter the bonus game – this is where the possibility of the jackpot lies. A rising jackpot increases as you and other players spin the slot. The more people who play a progressive slot, the bigger the jackpot. You can easily recognize the jackpot games by seeing a counter that shows how much the highest jackpot is at the moment. Most casinos also have special categories that you can click on to access the selection of jackpots.

There are basically two types of these profitable jackpot slots. On the one hand, jackpots are offered that are fixed, where the winning amount is predetermined, and we have the progressive ones with a winning pot that increases.

Fixed jackpot slots

Some slots have fixed jackpots that can give you anything from a smaller jackpot to several million in winnings. This type of jackpot is usually found inside a slot. Usually you activate a special bonus game to have a chance to win the big prize. Some slots also have more than one fixed jackpot, there may be variants called e.g. For mini or mega jackpots. In other words, this type of fixed jackpot always has a maximum win when it comes to the jackpot, as it does not increase as you play.

Progressive jackpot slots with winnings that increase

A progressive jackpot is built up by a certain percentage of each bet made. The percentage that goes to the jackpot varies from 1 – 4 percent. A higher percentage affects the jackpot to the extent that it grows faster. On progressive slots, you can follow the growth of the winning pot even during the game. When you have the game plan in front of you, you will always find a box where you can see how the winning amount increases and gets bigger.

Progressive jackpot has no maximum limit

The biggest advantage of a progressive jackpot is that it has no maximum limit. When you play, all your bets will help to increase the big jackpot. What you should also keep in mind is that it can take quite a long time before a jackpot comes up in those really high profits, here you can sometimes count on a year for the money to accumulate.

Each slot with a progressive jackpot has specific conditions for how and when the jackpot can hit. There is really only one thing that all jackpot slots have in common, and that is that they reward bigger bets. The bigger the bet, the bigger the chance to compete for the jackpot. Of course, you can be unusually lucky and win even on smaller bets, but the fact is that the more you bet, the greater the chance.

Now it starts to get more interesting when we get to the section about the jackpots that are connected or local as they are also called. So what does this mean? The same online casino can offer several machines that are linked or connected in terms of the jackpots. This means that the jackpot receives money in a common pot. This means that the progressive profit can be higher than for the independents.