Free Spins

The great popularity of free spins is explained precisely by their risk-free nature, but also by their rich and varied offer. There are almost as many free spins available at all casinos, so it is easy to combine them with different promotions, for example. Thus, free spins may not always be offered only to new customers, but can be earned in dozens of different ways. We’ve put together the best tips for you to find free spins quickly!

If you are looking for free spins in 2021, you may often come across a concept where an online casino offers free spins without a deposit. This is a different matter than casinos without registration. This is a relatively rare promotion, as this way of offering free spins is a moderately bad deal for an online casino: the player does not have to make a deposit of their own money at all, and the casino gives free play money in the form of free spins.

 Even if these way customers are brought to the site to play, it will not generate an actual revenue stream, at least in the short term. So don’t be surprised if free tours without a deposit aren’t available in every place. Such no-deposit spins virtually mean that the online casino decides to activate you with X free spins without having made a deposit to your gaming account any time soon. Often, such a promotion happens to be active at the same time in connection with new releases (e.g. new games, etc.). The most common ways to redeem free spins that do not require a deposit of your own money at all

  • Free spins through promotions (e.g. Slots won, raffle prizes, etc.)
  • Release of a new game where all customers receive, for example, 10 free spins as a gift
  • Player’s birthday
  • Compensation provided by the online casino, for example for slow withdrawal, or other inconvenience caused to a player for reasons beyond his or her control

Quality Tip: If you win money in free spins but have never made a deposit to your gaming account, you will probably need to make at least a minimum deposit in order for the online casino to be able to process your withdrawal request. Online casinos often pay withdrawals automatically to the same account from which you also made your deposit.

It is best to aim for free spins without recycling. These are definitely a better option for you than those rounds that include a recycling condition. This is, of course, due to the fact that the winnings from the free spins are directly to your own money when there is no redemption condition at all. In practice, the bonus given by the casino does not change for the better. These rounds are extremely fun to play when there is no risk to your money and you know that any winnings you can play again or cash out whenever you want.