Casino sites with the best RTP

A constant search by bettors is for casino sites with the best RTP. If you still don’t know what it is, RTP is the acronym for the term return to player, in the literal translation it would be returned to the player. This means that RTP represents the amount of money the casino returns to players in the long run, remembering that this value is counted in percentage, so the RTP value is how much the site returns to players after an infinite amount of spins. Currently, a site needs a very high RTP to get the player’s attention, sometimes it can reach up to 99% in some games. This might raise a question, how do houses manage to profit by giving back 99% of what they earn?

Why you should always look for the highest RTP

If we compare with traditional casinos, the RTP in the online casino is actually much higher. Just to exemplify, on average, in a casino in las vegas the RTP of a slot machine is between 80 and 90%. Already in online bookmakers, there are slots with 99%! iGaming companies are able to do this because the cost of operation is infinitely lower than that of a regular casino. Imagine that a casino hotel has a huge expense with construction, then maintenance, staff, cleaning, etc.

On the other hand, a betting site can have the game running 24 hours a day, with a structure of just one office and a few employees. A slot that takes millions of dollars a month in bets and gives back 99% of that to players still guarantees a very good profit for online betting sites. So don’t be shy and always look for casino sites with the best RTP.

Top sites with high RTP

More important than choosing the site on which to place bets is choosing the right game. This is because most casino games are made by specialized companies, bookmakers only pay to place the games on their sites and then take a slice of the winnings. Therefore, you should research the games you are interested in and look for their RTP on the developer’s website, as the RTP will be the same in all bookmakers where you find it. Therefore, the best bookmaker for you to play will be the one with the best welcome bonus or the one you have the most affinity for.

Best high RTP slot developers

The main companies engaged in the development of high RTP slots are NetEnt, Playtech, Ygg Drasil, Barcrest. These companies are already traditional in the market and usually launch slots with good frequency, the main thing is that many of these slots have a very attractive RTP. It is worth mentioning that by the market average today any slot with RTP lower than 94% is practically discarded. There are several options that pay better, it is only justified to play slots that pay so little if you do not care about the amount you can lose in the long run and just want to have fun for a few minutes in the most interesting game at first sight.