Caribbean Poker

The poker Caribbean is a version of the traditional game of five-card, known around the world. Its country of origin seems to be Spain, but in reality it is very famous in the Caribbean, from which it takes its name. It was born in the sixteenth century and its success was first on cruise ships and then around the world. At the moment it is one of the most popular board games in virtual and traditional rooms, both because its rules are very simple and because the game phases are rapid.

In this guide we will find out everything there is to know about this very popular game in online casinos . This game is very popular because the basic rules are simple and very similar to those of the traditional version, even if the game phases are completely different. Let’s start with the diversity of Caribbean Stud with the five-card version. The first big difference is that you are not playing against other players, but your opponent is the dealer.

It is played with a deck of French cards without the jokers and besides the first distribution phase, there are no other possibilities to receive new cards. Therefore you will start and finish the game with the same point. Let’s now see the game phases. The first thing to do is to place the bet, called Ante, to join the game. The size of this bet is variable and it will be up to you to decide, considering that you will also win money based on the amount wagered.

However, there is usually a minimum and maximum limit set by the rooms you play in and the rooms you choose.

Whether you play with a live dealer or in a virtual room, you will be dealt five cards face up.

As many will be given to the counter, only they will all be covered, except for one, visible to all.

Of course it is impossible to bluff. At this point your strategy comes into play, based on both your cards and the dealer’s upside. You therefore have two options:

To fold (fold), thus losing the Ante;
Betting, adding another amount to the Ante, calls Call Bet.
If you bet you pass to the highlight, in other words to reveal the dealer’s cards (show down) and to understand if he has obtained a score higher or lower than the point.

But be careful, because to move on to the comparison between the two points, the dealer needs to qualify. For this to happen, there must be at least one Ace-K among the dealer’s cards.