Roulette system

There are many systems being sold online that promise you can make easy cash with them, the latest edition is called the miracle roulette system. It actually comes on a very convincing website and it’s easy to understand why people would be fooled by it. There are several video demonstrations where the author wins several thousand dollars and on the surface, this looks real.

These videos are actually not done with real money, they’re done in play for fun mode. All the guy does is log into a real account, then stops the video and start playing in fun mode instead. Then he will do a few screens dumps to make the part in fun mode look real.

You cannot really see what is happening in these videos a lot of the time either as important things are covered up. All the bets being placed could be fake when you think about it, and there are no time limits to creating a winning video with fake money either. Of course, the guy did really well in making these videos look real but trust me, they aren’t.

You also need to ask yourself, why would someone that can win thousands of dollars in just a few minutes need to sell their system for $300? If a person had something like this, they wouldn’t want to sell it to let everyone else in on the action, they would keep it quiet for themselves. Selling it would mean that casinos are more likely to spot it and prevent it from working in the future. You can never overcome the house edge with online roulette it is simply down to chance. If there were a system good enough to enable you to win thousands with it, then online casinos would no longer exist. Looking logically at a roulette system will save you lots of money, rather than just believing what you hear straight away.

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